Vendors & Activities

Fuyu Fest poster

Fuyu Fest (冬祭り) is a Winter festival from Sunflower Sake.


Over 50 selections of craft Japanese sake will be available to taste at Fuyu Festival. Each and every one was selected and curated by Sunflower Sake to ensure that you have the best possible experience (life is simply too short for bad sake!) We're so proud to have a list of 15 different importers and 6 different distributors present to share their passion and talk sake. 

Toji, Kuramoto & Kurabito  

These are the Japanese terms for head brewer, brewery owner, & brewery worker. We're so thrilled to have representatives from PNW's own Tahoma Fuji Sake (kuramoto-toji, Andrew Neyens); Nara's Choryo Shuzo, makers of "Choryo"; Okayama's Tsuji Honten, makers of "Gozenshu;" and Yamanashi's Sasaichi Shuzo, makers of "Dan," as well as Sake Samurai Marcus Pakiser, a long-time industry veteran with oodles of knowledge to share.

Snow Peak Kanzake Tent

In partnership with Asahi Shuzo, makers of Kubota sake, and with instruction and guidance from Sunflower Sake, Snow Peak Portland is constructing a beautiful kanzake demonstration area! Learn how sake changes as it heats and the best methods for preparing your own kanzake at camp. By experimenting with different cups, mugs and pots, you'll see that hot sake by campfire is a simple and easy treat to warm everyone right up 🏕 


Portland's newest, and one of its most talked about coffee & tea spots, is sneaking out from the Schoolhouse building and setting up at Fuyu Fest to soak in the vibes and share delicious nonalcoholic drinks. Included in your ticket is a stop at Electrica for Mizuba Tea Co. Sencha Yabukita iced tea, or sweet handmade strawberry milk (& oatmilk!): a delightful winter treat.




Cozy vegan winter bites from our wonderful friends at Obon PDX will pair beautifully with sake, Electrica drinks, or even just a peaceful, restful moment between Fuyu Fest activites. Or satisfy your sweet tooth with a small batch, handmade treat from Yellow Heart Sunshine Bakery. But act quickly! Because Yellow Heart is Portland's cutest and smallest bakery, and she's sure to sell out!


Take a moment to hear from our guest speakers, who will be sharing 15-20 minute segments on a range of subjects. Hear perspectives on sake pairing in Portland from Miguel Marquez, award-winning hospitality director of Republica Restaurant Group and beverage consultant for several Japanese restaurants. Or Marcus Pakiser, longtime sake industry vet and Sake Samurai: the highest honor granted to international sake educators. Home brewers will want to attend the talk from Andrew Neyens, owner of Tahoma Fuji in Seattle, on his experience re-learning how to brew in the PNW.

Heart Fire Sanctuary

Admire the gorgeous, earthen, wispy tones of red and silver imparted by dancing ash from Portland's newest anagama kiln, the Yukti Kiln at Heart Fire Sanctuary. Artist and founder Richard Brandt will be showing and selling his wares, and talking all about the community at Heart Fire Sanctuary and lessons in ceramic craft. If you're been interested in learning more about ceramics, tea, and wood-fired kilns, or if like myself you are moved deeply by beautiful pottery, this is sure to be an exciting stop.

Ikoi no Kai

In keeping with Fuyu Fest's values, 20% of all ticket revenues will be donated to Ikoi no Kai, a nonprofit lunch program primarily serving the senior Japanese-American community in Portland. Fuyu Fest and its sponsors are proud to support Ikoi no Kai, acknowledging the contributions of the elder nikkei community in forming Portland's diverse cultural identity.


A huge THANK YOU to all of our wonderful
vendors, presenters, & sponsors:
Republic National Distributing Company
Kome Collective
JFC Imports
Joto Sake 
Fifth Taste Sake
Sake Suki
Floating World Imports
Galaxy Wine Co/ Wilson Daniels
Mutual Trading Company
Mitchell Wine Group
Niigata Sake Selections
Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits
World Sake Imports
Snow Peak 
Heart Fire Ceramics
Obon Shokudo
Yellow Heart Bakery
Electrica PDX
Mizuba Matcha Co