• Drinking Buddy

    Drinking Buddy, delicious Japanese snacks for drinky snacking, are unofficial sponsors of Fuyu Fest. Every guest attending Fuyu Fest will receive a snack size set of Rayu Senbei (vegan) and Wasabi Shoyu Mayo crackers (fish, egg) to enjoy between sips. Drinking Buddy are beloved mainstays of Sunflower Sake where they are available for purchase year-round.

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  • Imo Madoi

    For over 40 years, Imo Madoi has offered the finest quality Japanese vegetable snacks, handcrafted in small batches with care and love at their workshop in Kōbe, Japan.

    Imo Madoi 
  • The Sake of Ishikawa and Noto Peninsula, Marcus Pakiser

    Sake Samurai and PNW sake ambassador Marcus Pakiser is a former resident of the Noto Peninsula in Japan, his wife's birthplace. The Noto Peninsula was hit hard in the recent Japan earthquake, but it remains one of the most special places in Japan. Marcus will regale us with stories about Noto and Ishikawa, to bring life to this beautiful and historic region.

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  • Wednesday Lessons: Fuyu Fest Edition

    A very special Fuyu Fest Edition of Wednesday Lessons on the subject of Sake Seasonality. Wednesday Lessons is a beloved biweekly educational series hosted at Sunflower Sake.

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  • Sake in the American Restaurant

    The American restaurant scene is changing: American food is multicultural, multi-heritage storytelling. Does sake belong in this space, alongside wine and spirits? Join an expert set of panelists: Miguel Marquez, beverage director for Republica & Co. (Portland); Jenny Eagleton, journalist, former beverage program manager for Daytrip (Oakland), and Eduardo Dingler, VP of Wine Access, sake ambassador, and former beverage program manager for Morimoto Group (Napa) as we discuss sake's place in an evolving restaurant scene.